The Misuse/Use of “Hazing” in Masonic Ritual

I attended a Masonic conference where the use of what some Masonic presenters termed “hazing” was illustrated from European rituals and from the Masonic rituals of old manuscripts. There was a question as to what the reason was for having activities resembling “hazing” in Masonic ritual, and why were they so prevalent in the past, and still more popular outside the USA? These Masonic presenters, who are the top Masonic scholars in American Masonry (I shall not name them, as they were simply doing their job as good scholars: speculating on things, that is), seemed themselves puzzled over the inclusion of the “hazing” elements of the ritual. They spoke at length about how these kinds of activities had been abused in the past, how certain Masons had not the good sense to exercise their restraint and good judgement when performing these parts of the ritual.

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One Nation, Under The Great Architect of the Universe

GWThe political climate in America is one of bitter tension and strife. Of the many issues out there inspiring Americans to wage war against each other lately, the one I think about most often is the divide between scientific materialism and fundamentalist Christianity. In my opinion this is the central set of ideas underlying the structure of our nation—i.e., freedom of rational thought, with supreme faith and dependence on God. What’s most perplexing, perhaps, is that both views seem to have a valid argument for laying claim to ideological ownership of this country, but only when taken separately, rather than as a unity. The United States of America is a two-sided enigma—on the one hand we have the powerful separation between church and state, and on the other, the idea of America’s divine providence, that we are “one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

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