New Book Release in 2019 and Latest Publications

Dear Brothers, 

I am pleased to announce the upcoming release of my first book The Art and Science of Initiation, to be published by Lewis Masonic in 2019. The book is currently available for pre-order on the Lewis Masonic website. This book is a collection of essays on initiation by some of the best authors in the field, you won’t want to miss this. More details below.

I’ve had a few more extensive Masonic articles published this last year, one of which you can read online. The first is on John Theophilus Desaguliers and is featured in the book Exploring Early Grand Lodge Freemasonry, published by Plumbstone. The next is titled “Freemasonry and Johannine Christianity,” and it appears in Knight Templar Magazine, June 2017, No. 6. And finally the upcoming issue of Philalethes: The Journal of Masonic Research & Letters will feature my article on Kabbalah and the Asiatic Brethren. I also have had a few book reviews in Philalethes recently.

In terms of my latest speaking engagements, I presented “Desaguliers and the Religious Science of Masonry” at the Second Annual Masonic Symposium hosted by Aquila Lodge in Roseville, California. I presented a paper “Revival of the Mysteries” at the 2018 Masonic Retreat in Minnesota, which was professionally filmed and should be available soon. On April 1st of 2019, I am scheduled to speak in Southern California for the very excellent Illumination Lecture Series. The title of that talk will be “Symbolism of Two Pillars in the Esoteric Schools.”

So, lots happening, and lots more on the way. In Love and Light!




Freemasonry is the largest and most public of the philosophical fraternal orders, and at its heart lies the process of initiation for instructing new members. What exactly is the process of initiation? How did it originate? What changes does it seek to bring about in the candidate? How does it work? More importantly, why is it so integral to Freemasonry?

Through essays written by Freemasons, scholars of history, and mainstream authors and practitioners, The Art and Science of Initiation illuminates the theory and practice of various mystical/philosophical traditions and their processes of initiation. This book takes the reader into the heart of the initiatic experience. The method by which to enter into communion with spiritual worlds and reach higher levels of consciousness and soul maturation—i.e., initiation—remains as relevant for us today as it was for the people of antiquity. The Art and Science of Initiation brings together thirteen all-new essays from some of the biggest established and upcoming authors of Freemasonry, spirituality, and esotericism, featuring work by Angel Millar, Joscelyn Godwin, Mark Booth, Richard Smoley, Donald Tyson, Susanna Åkerman, Herbie Brennan, Richard Kaczynski, C.R. Dunning, Jr., Greg Kaminsky, Jeffrey S. Kupperman, Adam Kendall, and Timothy Scott. Be sure to click on all the links to check out their work!


KT“Freemasonry and Johannine Christianity,” in Knight Templar Magazine, June 2017, No. 6.






gl“John Desaguliers: The Balance of Science and Religion,” in Exploring Early Grand Lodge Freemasonry.






phil“The Order of the Asiatic Brethren” in Philalethes Vol. 71, №4 · Fall 2018.


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