Guest Review of the 2016 High Council Meeting in Louisville By Sir Knight J. Munoz

“Wisdom and the understanding of the true nature of reality” is an intensely monumental undertaking, and one which has been at the heart of esoteric study since its inception. Attempts to understand the world around us encompass many realms and disciplines and have emanated from a multitude of traditions and cultures. For the newly made aspirant, any attempt to examine these traditions can feel immensely overwhelming. There are many of them, they are all so thick with material and history, and they often agree and contradict each other, sometimes in ways which can be difficult to clearly understand. Where to start? What does one pursue? Is there a “right” path, which thus renders some explorations pointless and others more likely to support the attainment of “wisdom and the understanding of the true nature of reality?”

For a new Master Mason, these questions can be daunting and overwhelming. The decision to explore the meaning and lore of the Craft is compounded in a beautiful and astounding way when one begins to consider other avenues that are opened, such as studies into Qabalah, The Tree of Life, Hermetic Philosophy, and other modes of ritual practice. For the blossoming aspirant, there can be a tendency to attempt to understand everything all at once, which can lead to the fundamental understanding of nothing! While this is a lamentable position to find oneself in, this is not a call to abandon hope. Rather, it is a call to work and participate in the places and spaces which foster learning about these topics in ways which are enjoyable, intriguing and which support further scholarship and growth.

One such arena is among the SRICF, known as the “Masonic Rosicrucian Society.” I was lucky to be able to attend the High Council Meeting of the Society in 2016, and was lucky to spend time with a learned group of men, many of whom I had read about, or read works of over my several years as a Mason. The weekend was filled with opportunities to meet and talk with members of the Society, discussing topics such as meditation, college scholarship, fundamental tenets of alchemy, as well as time for fellowship.

For a first-time attendee of the meeting, it was both exciting and daunting! As a relatively recent member to the Craft, and a new member of the Society, I have a burgeoning interest in esoteric topics, their history, and especially their application. It was enjoyable to be in a space with others interested in exploring topics related to discovering the “true nature of reality” and “working out the great problems of life.” A presentation and guided meditation by one of our Fratres was a highlight for me, as I was able to learn about a topic I know very little about, The Tree of Life, while at the same time discovering a meditative technique for exploring this subject. For a new Mason, opportunities like these are incalculably valuable, and I look forward to participation in the High Council meetings in the future. I would like to see more in terms of presentations and participation from the Fratres, as well as opportunities to connect further with Fratres from other colleges.


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